Lutris Analytics is a data analytics firm located in the Inland Northwest. We work with academic researchers, non-profit organizations and others to translate data into visualizations, statistics, and manuscripts.


Data Wrangling / Tidying

Messy data sets can be impossible to make sense of. We can clean and organize your datasets so they are ready for analysis.

Process Automation

Automating tasks that must be done over and over again saves time for more important work.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis and modeling can help you make sense of your data so you know what it is really telling you.

Data Visualization

Beautiful and accurate plots showcase your data and help you tell stories without words.

R Packages

We offer high quality, well-documented R programming, including package building if that is appropriate for your project.

Scientific Writing

Publication-quality scientific writing by experienced academic writers brings your project to completion.
Contact us to find out if our services are a good fit for your project.